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Hi there I’m David, If there’s something in your life that needs Changing for the better, I can point you in the Right direction using solution focused Hypnotherapy.

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I use the latest “Solution-Focussed” Hypnotherapy methods to help you achieve long lasting results quickly – I focus on solutions and outcomes, rather than problems to provide YOU a positive therapeutic experience.


1.  My treatment is offered in a friendly, informal, non-judgmental environment so you can feel genuinely Relaxed, at ease, and able to enjoy the experience of making Positive Changes to your life.

2. I have studied Hypnotherapy for over 21 years, and I have been in practice for over 10 years, unlike other Hypnotherapy Practices, it will ALWAYS be Me who’ll be providing therapy for you, and always in a safe one-to-one, supportive environment, where YOU set the pace. 

3. I am a Smoking Cessation Expert, with a VERY high success record 

4. Over the past 10 years I have conducted over 6000 Theraputic Sessions!

5. Appointments are available from Early morning to Late evening – I am always flexible, for special circumstances I can visit, and will ALWAYS answer any questions.

6. You will NOT be made to think you are a chicken (This is NOT a Stage Show), there are NO Swinging Watches, You will NOT go to Sleep, You WILL be totally concious at ALL times, and You WILL notices Changes, Hypnosis is just like Daydreaming – Totally Natural.

Contact me NOW and lets just SORT IT OUT!!! 

Anyone can be Hypnotised, including people with high Stress levels. All you need is a desire for change

I offer a results-oriented approach to help make the therapy as Affordable as possible with the minimum number of sessions required. For example most people only need one session for 

Quitting Smoking, Weight loss is a handful depending on the reason, the consultation is free and last’s about 30 minutes, and each therapy session is 1 hour in duration. October is the second most popular time to quit smoking this is due to Stoptober Click Here and watch a very interesting video

I specialised in Weight control therapy treatment, Hypnotherapy is the most successful form of treatment for weight loss, and it is tailor made for each individual person. Everybody is different, and we can take the time to work out which approach would be best for your particular needs.

Other areas I specialise include:-

Anxiety-related issues including Low self esteem, Stress lack of Confidence and Depression, I am Certified with NICE (National Institute for Health and Care Excellence) to treat for Anxiety Disorders to NHS standard 

Quit smoking for Summer – Hypnotherapy is extremly successful in this area. I currently offer a very competitive price for smoking cessation and a VERY high success rate. I can help you quit with ONE session and for all for the price of a couple of weeks’ worth of cigarettes. I am Certified with theNational Centre for Smoking Cessation and Training. 

Sports performance I work with many sportsmen and women in various areas – Golf, Snooker, Pool, Darts, Tennis, and Athletics.

Relationships – over the years I have helped both Male and Female over come Breakups and Divorces, leading to increased confidence and high self Esteem.

Fears/Phobias – Flying, Bridges, Lifts are very common issues and can be treated quickly with positive results. 

If there is something not listed here, or you have just a question please e-mail or call me and I would be very happy to help you. I really would like to work with you and help you achieve your goals.

You can contact me by clicking HERE

more can be found at www.yourpositivechange.com

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